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Secure remote workspace & protect your data in the cloud.

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클라우드 내 운영되는 데이터 접속 기록과 이상 징후를 한 눈에 편리하게 파악할 수 있습니다. 멀티 클라우드와 각 종 SaaS까지 하나로 관리하여 보안 사각지대를 줄입니다.
✓ Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
✓ Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
✓ Data Loss/Leakage Prevention (DLP)
✓ Ransomware infected file recovery
✓ Zero Trust Gateway (ZTG)
✓ OAuth2 based SSO
✓ Access control to VM & DB
✓ Access control to intra web
✓ AI anomaly detection
✓ Automatic quarantine of infected attachments

Key Features


Secure Web Gateway(SWG)

  • 통합로그 기록
    Consolidated Log Records
    - Integrated log records for Web, SaaS, and cloud services
    - Records on who has accessed which data where and when
  • Prevention of threats
    Prevention of threats
    - Prevention of illegal infringement through external information and communication networks such as DDoS (for secure cloud gateway)
    - Block access in advance to malicious web pages such as phishing sites

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • 데이터 모니터링
    Data Monitoring
    - Activity Log of file creation/modification/sharing/deletion
    - Vindication of abnormal activities
  • 데이터 손실/유출 방지
    Data Loss Prevention(DLP)
    - Encryption of confidential and sensitive information in the cloud
    - Prevention of leaks by decrypting files only when device and user are authenticated
    - Prevention of data loss through management of document by versions
    - Recovery of ransomware infected files


Zero Trust Gateway (ZTG)

  • Zero Trust Network Access(ZTNA)
    Zero Trust Network Access(ZTNA)
    - Enhanced authentification using user’s device and MFA
    - Role-based Access Control (via internal resources such as infra, system, and data)
  • Integration of User Information
    Integration of User Information
    - OpenID, SAML-based SSO support to detect anomalies based on user behavior tracking through original ID
    - Convenient switch and build the system through interworking of user information such as LDAP and AD
  • Remote Access Control
    Remote Access Control
    - Safe access to in-house systems and services for both internal and external IPs
    - Asset protection through real-time access status control and resource usage tracking


AI Detection/Analysis

  • Data Detection
    Data Detection
    - Automatic recognition/classification/detection of all sensitive information passing through the web gateway
    - Security level classification after detecting confidential and sensitive information in files such as text, numbers, images as well as video
    - Masking posts that contain profanity or personal information
  • User Analysis
    User Analysis
    - Detect and block abnormal behavior through user behavior patterns
    - Notification of abnormal activies
Data Protection Service
✓ Secure Cloud Gateway
✓ Data collection & detection
✓ Encryption of personal info
✓ Access record management of personal info
✓ Sensitive info management for web
✓ Sensitive info management for server

Key Features


Protection of Personally Identifiable Information

  • DB 암호화
    Collection, Detection, and Encryption
    - Data collection & detection
    - Encryption of personal information
    - Filter-type DB encryption
    - Supports standard encryption (AES, ARIA, RSA, SHA, FPE) and partial/incremental encryption
    - De-identification through personal information masking
  • Access Log Management
    Access Log Management
    - Prevention of forgery and falsification of personal information access records
    - Detection and notification of abnormal access to personal information
  • Fully supports privacy compliance
    Fully supports privacy compliance
    - Compliance with ISMS and CSAP certification standards
    - Support for report output in preparation for regular audits and evaluations

Customer data assets protected with Spiceware are your competitive edge.