On Premise

Spiceware provides on-premise services that can be installed on a customer's internal server or a hosted private cloud

Features and Benefits of On-Premise Services
Provides essential functions for each situation to increase work efficiency.

  • 1. Customized Implementation
    1. Customized Implementation
    For applying Spiceware services to private/hybrid clouds or customer's own datacenters
  • 2. Customized Services
    2. Customized Services
    For providing specialized services for customer environments through technical support specialists
  • 3. Product/Service Integration
    3. Product/Service Integration
    For integrating various Spiceware products/services with customers’ applications/services
  • Service Names
  • Features
  • PP Enterprise
  • Security Web Gateway (SWG)
  • PP DBE
  • DB encryption
  • PP ALM
  • Personal information access record management
  • AI sensitive information detection & protection for web
  • AI sensitive information detection & management for server
  • Service Names
  • Features
  • PP ANP
  • Anonymization and pseudonimization of Personally Identifiable Information