Cloud protection made easy with Spiceware One.

Where do your data assets lie?

In this day and age, data assets are scattered across virtual spaces. In addition to Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Cloud (“ABC”, for short), new markets such as metaverse environments and NFTs generate and distribute data assets in virtual spaces, leading to increased the demand for secure data management. Recent changes in work environments (e.g., working at home, video conferencing) have raised concerns about data asset leakage among companies in particular. Spiceware provides services that safely manage data assets so that businesses can stay ahead of the changing market without losing their data asset competitiveness.

Manage your data assets safely and reliably with Spiceware One.

See all security risks at a glance.

Administrators can monitor the data retention and access status of all internal and external members in real time.
  • ✓ Integrated Log Audit
  • ✓ Threat Protection
  • ✓ AI Detection/Analysis

Keep your data assets safe, anytime and anywhere.

Regardless of internal or external status, only authorized devices and authenticated users can access encrypted confidential data and internal resources, thereby fundamentally blocking the possibility of data leakages.
  • ✓ Data Monitoring
  • ✓ Data Loss Prevention(DLP)
  • ✓ 데이터 유출 방지

All members share security responsibilities.

They are all given access rights based on their roles and can check the last access date and IP. They can manage their data more responsibly by checking the data security level and the amount of sensitive information.
  • ✓ Reinforced Authentication
  • ✓ Integration of User Information
  • ✓ Remote Access Control

Increase customer trust with secure data management.

A single leak of confidential customer or personal information can cause great damage to corporate image. Ensure that customers can entrust their data confidently through security management.
  • ✓ Encryption of Personal Information
  • ✓ Personal Information Access Record
  • ✓ Privacy Compliance

It’s no longer difficult to protect your data assets.

Spiceware One is a universal data protection service that allows users to get started with a simple setup process and no coding requirements. In addition, it can help customers reduce costs with subscription types designed to fit the growth cycle of companies, from startups to large enterprises.

Use with confidence.
Spiceware provides proven services through international standard certifications.

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International certification for information security of cloud services

AWS Qualified Software

Meets guidelines defined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework

ISO/IEC 27001

International standard for information security management system

ISO/IEC 27017

International standard for information security management system of cloud services

ISO/IEC 27018

International standard for personal information protection of cloud services

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Keep your data assets safe, anytime and anywhere.