Pseudonymization of Personal Infomation

Create a safer environment and maximize data utilization.

De-identification (e.g. pseudonymization/anonymization) solutions for personal information utilization should be safe and easy. Spiceware ANP automatically identifies, classifies, and processes sensitive data quickly, without the possibility of re-identification. It provides a convenient system environment so that users can comply with the de-identification guidelines without needing to take any additional action.

De-identification can be achieved with a few clicks and simple settings.
Experience a smooth pseudonymization/anonymization process while complying with compliance.

Create a utilization plan based on data governance.
Confirmation and request for pseudonymization result
Review of adequacy based on the purpose of using pseudonymization and the history of approval requests
Select and use job result according to the purpose of use
  • Plan
  • Process
  • Analyze
  • Utilize

Do you have any pseudonymization work to repeat?
Make use of the task scheduler feature. Spiceware’s artificial intelligence automatically identifies more than 90 categories of personal information and recommends encryption processing types based on respective levels of importance. Each type of personal information can be encrypted using a different encryption key. The Spiceware deep signature code is inserted inside the ciphertext, making it impossible to decrypt.

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#Save immediately

Automatically connect different types of data sources
Load various data sources such as DB (Mariadb, Mysql), and S3 (csv). The results of de-identification (e.g. pseudonymization/anonymization) are automatically transmitted to the designated pseudonymization database.
When used with Spiceware DPS, personal information can be used without converting to plain text, meaning that potential personal information leakage risks are minimized.

#Personal information type
#Privacy model

Set up personal information collection and conversion settings suitable for the purpose of data use.
Identifiers, quasi-identifiers, and types of sensitive information can be classified according to the nature, type, and purpose of use of personal information data. It is possible also to set the details required for data transformation (masking, rounding, interval, encryption, etc.).

#Privacy model

Check whether re-identification is possible and whether it is appropriate.
Through a simple setting, users can apply the masking feature to a particular web service. Plus, by encrypting only a given portion of data in use, this can eliminate blind spots in security.

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#Data governance
#Data utilization plan

Create a more secure processing environment with permission and history management features.
The execution of the pseudonymization processing operation is carried out by an authorized user with access to the data. The process also leaves a history where the user can manage the records for audits in the future.

Additional Features Unique to Spiceware One
We provide pseudonymization and combination key generation functions for linking personal information between companies through combination-specialized organizations.

Combined data generation function / pseudonymization
Features for different PII protection model settings & anonymization
  • Combined data generation function / pseudonymization
  • Features for different PII protection model settings & anonymization

How to use the service

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    Create data values for big data, IoT, and AI businesses.
  • 간소화
    Reduce costs by streamlining personal data combination preparations and data use procedures.
  • 대응
    Fully supports customers’ compliance to GDPR and CCPA.

Utilize data and gain greater understanding of your customers.